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Welcome to PHYC's
Ship Store!

Land's End &
The Custom Captain

Below, you’ll find a link to PHYC’s Online Store — the next step in our long and successful partnership with Land’s End.

We’ve teamed up with their Business Outfitters Department to bring our boaters a streamlined and easy process to purchase official PHYC gear any time of the day or night, any time of the year!

The online store eliminates all of the issues we’ve had with stocking, inventory selection, payment, shipping, receiving, etc. We have customized the online storefront to allow our boaters to browse the impressive selection of available items, add the PHYC logo to those items, order directly from Land’s End, arrange payment directly through the secure Land’s End site, and have the items shipped directly to you!


PLEASE NOTE: The PHYC logo is NOT AUTOMATICALLY ADDED to your apparel! After selecting size and color, you will see a drop-down box for logo style and a drop-down box for logo placement.


MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE PHYC LOGO BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR ORDER! There will be a small upcharge to add the logo.

Recently, we have also partnered with The Custom Captain. The Custom Captain offers; mugs, hats, shirts, bags, and much more!

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