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PHYC Slip Sales

Phases 1 and 2 of our exciting New Dock Project are Complete!

Slips on our Brand New B and C Docks are Available for Purchase!

2024 Purchase Pricing

40' Slip on D Dock: $20,000

40' Slip on B Dock (NEW ALUMINUM DOCKS): $30,000

60' Slip on A Dock: $25,000

60' Slip on B or C Dock (NEW ALUMINUM DOCKS): $40,000

80' Slip on C Dock (NEW ALUMINUM DOCKS): $50,000

A one-time New Membership Initiation Fee of $5,000 or 20% of your purchase price (whatever is greater) will be assessed at closing. After this one-time fee, your Annual Membership if automatic. 


2024 Lease Purchase Program

For even greater savings, PHYC offers a Lease Program. Sign up for a two year lease with a non-refundable deposit, and at the end of the two years, PHYC will apply one year of leasing fees towards the purchase price!

For more information, a personal tour of our facility at any time of the year, or to behind the purchasing process, please call Harbormaster Matt or email him today!

2024 Slip Map
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