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  • How is PHYC Governed?
    All harbor business is conducted by the PHYC Board of Directors, which is made up of five members/owners elected by our slip owners. The PHYC Board of Directors currently contracts with SkipperBud’s to manage day-to-day operations including staffing, accounting, HR, marketing, and harbor maintenance.
  • How does slip ownership work? What exactly would I be buying?
    Boaters can rent or purchase a slip directly from PHYC or from a current slip owner. Slip ownership automatically confers full PHYC membership, which includes access to all facilities, reciprocity at other participating yacht clubs around the world, invitations to club events, and voting rights in determining the Board of Directors. At PHYC, the slip ownership we offer is like owning a condominium in a residential development. This means that as an slip owner, you are entitled to the exclusive use of your designated slip. Additionally, you have the right to use and enjoy – along with your fellow slip owners - all common areas. Our marina boasts a spacious design that features wide berths, wide fairways, and many dock amenities such as dock boxes, free wireless internet, a private clubhouse, pool, and beach, and 24/7/365 security. In addition, we recently took our offerings to the next level by installing new docks that feature modern composite decking on Docks B (phase 1) and C (phase 2). PHYC is one of the best-managed, best-maintained, and most visually appealing marinas on Lake Michigan. With its prime location easily accessible from both Chicagoland and southeastern Wisconsin and a top-of-the-line dock and grounds maintenance program, owning a slip at Prairie Harbor Yacht Club is a smart decision that will enhance your boating experience.
  • If I buy a slip, will I need to pay property taxes?
    Yes, as a slip owner, you legally own a deeded parcel of land (parking spot) and pursuant to the declaration that deeded parking spot is assigned to your designated slip in the marina. Since you own the parcel of land you will receive a tax bill from the Village of Pleasant Prairie based on the assessed value of your slip. The annual property tax assessments are generally a nominal cost.
  • How are club dues determined?
    Annual dues are based on the overall annual operating budget set by the Board and are allocated to each owner in accordance with the By-Laws/Declaration which is based on an ownership percentage that varies by slip size.
  • Will my attorney be able to review PHYC Rules and Regulations and any other documentation before I purchase a slip?
    Yes, just as in any other real estate transaction, your attorney can review all forms, documents, regulations, and procedural information related to PHYC.
  • Can I rent out my slip if I wish to, or re-sell my slip to a new owner?
    As long as you are an owner in good standing and your tenant abides by the PHYC Rules & Regulations and other PHYC requirements specific to renters, you are free to rent your slip at any rental rate you want to charge. As for the sale of your slip, there are no restrictions as long as you are an owner in good standing and subject to a right of first refusal by the Board, you may sell it, gift it, or bequeath it at any time on any terms you may agree upon.
  • What slip sizes does PHYC offer? If my boat is longer than the official slip size, can I still purchase or rent the slip?
    We have 40, 60, and 80-foot slips available for rent or purchase. Please see our Rules and Regulations for more information related to boat size relative to slip size.
  • I own a personal watercraft in addition to my boat. Can PHYC accommodate it?
    Yes, we have a large, designated docking area for personal watercraft and smaller boats. Skipper Bud’s, which is right next door to Prairie Harbor, provides indoor dry stack storage for boaters who may prefer in-and-out access for their smaller vessels
  • How many slips are currently for sale?
    For the latest available slip inventory, contact harbormaster Matt Specht at (262) 697-3200 or
  • What is the policy for members’ use of the clubhouse for personal events?
    Please see our Rules and Regulations for information about use of the clubhouse for personal and semi- private functions.
  • Does PHYC have pump-out facilities, fuel, and boat maintenance services?
    As part of your annual dues, the staff at PHYC can pump out your boat at your slip every Monday if you request it. If you prefer to handle the task yourself, there is a complimentary self-service pump-out facility right next door at North Point Marina. For assistance with boat care, repair, or maintenance, or fueling there are plenty of options to choose from in the vicinity of PHYC. You can find a complete list of these resources on our Boater Resources page.
  • What are policies regarding family, friends, and pets?
    Members’ family and friends love PHYC, and they are encouraged to join in on the fun! However, members must accompany non-members while using the clubhouse and pool. Pets are allowed on the grounds but not inside the clubhouse or in the pool area. For convenience, bags are provided on the grounds to assist with clean-up, and all pets must be leashed.
  • What kinds of activities are offered to members at PHYC?
    PHYC hosts events throughout the year including breakfasts, family gatherings, an annual owners’ party, a Big Game party in February, and more.
  • When does the harbor open and close?
    Our official boating season begins April 1 (weather permitting) and ends October 31. Club members have access to the clubhouse and grounds all year.
  • Is channel depth ever an issue? Will I have trouble getting into Prairie Harbor?
    We are diligent about dredging and maintaining our channel, providing dependable navigation for both power and sail boaters. Visit our Weather/Channel Soundings page for the latest channel measurement data.
  • I’m considering buying a slip - what do I do?
    Contact Harbormaster Matt Specht at (262) 697-3200 or He will be glad to answer any questions you may have, let you know the location of available slips, and take you through the purchase options (including our outstanding Lease-to-Purchase program). Matt will also arrange an onsite tour if you desire one.
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